Randomizers are here!

It has been a long time coming. It has been one of the most desired things for our community. Now, it is here, and exclusive to nickpic... IMAGE RANDOMIZERS!

When I first decided to design the code for the randomizer for nickpic I wanted to make it integrated and seamless as possible. There of course are many image randomizers. However, they prominently rely upon you making multiple accounts or having to use their own unstable image loader. For myself, I often organize my own images in albums based upon my character. If my character's name is Joey Jack (lame name yes, I dare you to use that name in an RP) I'd have an album just for Joey Jack Avatars!

In a gist, I coded this to use our database of nickpic and our server to determine and serve your image. As part of the code cleanup and redesign of the backend, our servers are way more powerful then ever before which is fantastic. It lowered our costs dramatically and I'd be lost without Jen and you all. I coded the system to have our database to select something from your encrypted album at random and produce a push to it (I couldn't redraw it, because Jcink's avatar system can detect an image redraw and it considers it a security violation, so to work around it I use a push technique).

And yes. I coded this while in the freaken hospital recovering from a heart transplant. I redesigned the website, cleaned up our servers, made the site more stable, and even made some sexy new affiliate icons. I am bored out of my mind and broke as fuck. But, I found the time to do this because I love you all <3.

If you like it please consider donating to nickpic or to nick's personal healthcare here.

Below is a preview...

Tristan from Kill Your Heroes

nickpic randomizer

how do I use it?

It's simple!

Step one:
Go to an album page, any of your own albums. Only the album's owner can see the randomizer link

Step two:
Click the shiny randomizer button

Step three:
Copy the URL in the popup that comes up!

Step four:
Use it anywhere you want!


i don't want my album to have a randomizer
then don't use the link

i don't want a randomizer
then don't use it

how do i add or remove images to the randomizer
add or remove to the album

can i make my own list like anyone else
no this is how nickpic does randomizers

i don't want others to use my album as a randomizer
only you can see your randomizer link

can i change the url to my randomizer
no. it uses your secret album id

but my album ids are letters not numbers
the numbers are your real album id #, but the letters are your secret encrypted code

can i sell your randomizer to others
commercial uses of nickpic require a $99.99 monthly payment or otherwise negotiation with a member of the staff team.*

can i have the code

am i a wizard
you're a wizard harry