Remembering Juneteenth

At nickpic we celebrate the strong diversity of our community and wish to create a stable, safe, relevant, and thriving community that we can all collectively be proud of.

On June 19, 1865, African Americans who had been slaves in Texas were told they were free. People around the United States continue to commemorate the day, which is now a federal holiday, 150 years later. This event had occurred roughly two years after President Lincoln has freed the slaves in the Union.

In the United States, Juneteenth is a celebration and recognition that is both simple and complex, but is not often celebrated. This holiday cannot be adequately described in words. The United States has a history of degrading those who are not like the majority. This has occurred throughout our nation's history, and it is something that we, as a people, can rectify by recognizing the problem and pushing forward to build a better world for our society and the generations to come. Events such as the bombing of Tulsa's Black Wall Street, which targeted the black population specifically, were examples of the government's conspiracy to obstruct the minority's access to riches, which led to widespread repression of the populace.

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