About Us

This list contains former members who have served as members of NickPic.Host's moderators and Administration team.

Shawna - Former Graphics Designer

Easily one of the most talented designers you'd ever meet, Shawna knows how to make an image drop-dead gorgeous in a way that you have never seen before. Her talent knows no bounds like her amazingly accurate and extremely unique portrayal of characters. Their personality depth is something else. Shawna is the person who designed NickPic.Host's logo and original ad campaign for ShadowPlay. Shawna was one of NickPic.Host's original founding staff members.

Beth - Former Moderator

Beth, is an angel in disguise. She has been a voice of support since the very beginning. Once we, the original team behind NickPic.Host realized that our favorite image hosts were disappearing and blocking RPGs, I came up with a plan to save our community. Beth was there very step of the way, eager to give an opinion and help us push forth! She stepped down in June, 2017 and was one of the original staff members at NickPic.Host's founding. Thank you for everything!