Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I upload?

We do not have a limit on that.

What is the largest image can I upload?

8 MB is the maximum file size.

Is there a limit on bandwidth?

No. We don't meter an individual image's bandwidth.

Can I upload PSD files?

No. We're an image host, not a file host. If you're interested in this as a service, please contact us.

How can I make just one image private without it being in an album?

When you upload there's a padlock option next to the upload button. Click it to lock the image to be private. It will still show for site staff and yourself. The only other people who can see it are people who have the direct link, that you share.

I forgot to set my image to private, can I fix it?

As an individual image you cannot set it private, as it was marked public already. However, you can create an album and set it to private and it will hide it.

Do you allow adult content?

Yes, but, please remember to mark it as not family safe. Any images not marked family safe will either be flagged or removed. The content must be legal.

Do you utilize a CDN?

Yes, we do. We have 22 peering locations in North America and 31 in Europe. We use MaxCDN for this. We have multiple locations throughout North America, Europe and across the world. Some of our exotic locations includes Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Tel Aviv and Tokyo. So, your visitors from across the world can enjoy the same snazzy speed you do!

Can you add a peer in Australia?

Australia is a peer now.

Do you have Premium features?

No. All features for all members are exactly equal. No one gets a preference over the other. If you're a registered member, we like you. We do not want to block features off to paid members, if we're valuable enough to a user we feel a user would donate if they are able to. If you want a premium/pro account, you can donate and say you donated to us. However, we don't give special privileges to donors.

Do you make a profit?

No. We don't profit or generate any income from this site. We do accept donations, they however are not necessary. Anything earned goes to

Do you have advertisements?

You may have noticed your ad blocker is blocking... Nothing! 0% of this site contains paid advertisements. We do not have ads on your images or redirect your links to our site. Your links are your links. As long as we can afford to pay for this service, your content will be untouched.

Will my direct links be redirected to a viewer page?

No. Your direct links will go straight to your image.

Who owns the image I upload?

According to our Terms of Service, you do! You just grant us a license to host it and show it to people on your behalf. But, you can remove it at any time, and revoke that license!

Isn't an image host kind of expensive to run? Who is paying for it?

Yes. It can be. This is why we have a transparent Cost of Service page. The Cost of Service page will be updated as the costs of this host changes. Thus far, 100% of all payments have been made by Nick, our founder.

How can I be listed on the partners page? Do I have to pay?

It's easy to be listed! Just Contact Us! We do not charge for this. We only list RP forums and resource forums at this time. But, we're open to ideas!

Do you take donations?

Yes. We do. To donate please use this PayPal link. Donations are not required. Anything donated will be used towards this site's host. We do plan on eventually adding an Australian peer, but, that's expensive!