NickPic.Host 2019 and Beyond

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Together at NickPic.Host we had an awesome year of growth and opportunity for everyone. We've seen some rollbacks in the image hosting community, such as PhotoBucket scaling back. We've also seen another giant fall toward the end of the year, Tumblr.

NickPic.Host has always been a place of refuge for your images and creative works for the storytelling, artist, and RPG community. We wish for this to continue for another year. We're proud of everything you have each accomplished this year. Look at it, we're at the end of another year! It's fantastic! This year we expanded our hosting servers, to allow for more growth. We fought stability issues together, and came back stronger. We launched stronger CDN support for Israel, Australia, and Africa so nobody is left out.

For the end of the year we released a new take on your albums. You can now sort images A-Z, you may notice the new friendly links. Your profile has it's own subdomain, that is yours to keep! We're working on more and more improvements. If you have issues, please remember to clear your cache. To find out how click here.

For 2019, our biggest goal is stability and increasing our stability. Along with this a huge thing is to improve how albums work. We understand that they're important and we want to keep it that way. Along with all of this, we are continuing our allowance of adult content that is properly flagged. So feel free to host your creative photos that aren't safe for minors or work that Tumblr won't allow anymore here.

If there is anything you'd like to see. Please tell us in our Discord!

The cost to run NickPic.Host has increased significantly. However, the amount of revenue throughout the year from advertisements have declined. We understand that most of our users have adblock. That's okay! We understand! Ads are annoying.

If you could donate anything to help NickPic.Host, please do so. It will help us survive longer. All funds received goes directly to NickPic's server infrastructure (3 separate servers!) and our Content Delivery Network. Together we make our service stronger.

We couldn't do it without you all.

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