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To you (an RP forum user)

Your cost to use our service is the price of $0.00.

To us (site management)

The cost to maintain this website, CDN service, and domain are currently an average of $85 USD (£64, €73) a month, totaling $1020 (£730 GBP, €855 EUR, $1346 AUD, $1255 CAD) yearly. This doesn't even include the generosity of the server by BigWetFish, costs of development, etc. The main server is provided by BigWetFish at their cost, which is worth well over $4000 US a year. If you ever need a stable webhost consider them.

As of 2021, NickPic.Host is serving just over 250,000,000 (yes million!) images a month for our fellow graphics and RP communities! Thank you for this continued growth. Due to this, our CDN costs have skyrocketed, which effectively tripled our hosting costs. As of right now all costs are 100% paid for by Nick and Jen and whatever donations we receive. Please keep in mind, we are ad free for you and other users and we make no revenue from ads. So any support given by our staff is 100% volunteer.


You are under no obligation to donate. However, if you find yourself in a position and would like to help support your favorite non-profit hobbyist image host, we will accept donations to simply keep our service running. Anything donated will go directly to NickPic.Host's services. Donors do not get any special privileges besides a personal thank you from the NickPic.Host team for the price of a coffee!

Donor Box uses PayPal. If you prefer to not use DonorBox you can just go to Paypal Directly. We also have a donor box below.

You can also make a PERSONAL donation to Nick by clicking HERE or to the amazing JEN by clickingHERE. These two run the show! Show them love <3