3 years of NickPic

For the past three years NickPic.Host went from a small collection of friends and roleplayers alike on a tiny forum called Fidelius. Today, we're spread far and wide, but we all stuck together by our friendship and love of storytelling. NickPic.Host has become a critical method to help Storytellers like you and us share their stories and creations. NickPic.Host is turning three years of age on February 14th, 2019. We started this adventure because we wanted a better image host that was catered for our niche.

Over the past few years we've seen the fall of giants. We've seen huge shocking changes in the roleplay world. But, one thing has remained. Our love of being storytellers.

NickPic.Host wouldn't be here without you all. You helped us make it to the big games by trusting us with over 1.2 million active public images. In our entire history as of the time this page went live we have been trusted with 1,382,385 images in total. This is not a small number, and it is hard for us to fathom. We've been making steady improvements. We've been learning how to manage multiple servers. We're planning for the future. We want NickPic.Host to be the best source of image hosting for Storytellers.

For NickPic's third birthday we're going to be giving you guys some gifts from our sponsors. Check out some of the sponsored prizes:

  • Cbox is sponsoring 3 1 Year Premium Cboxes.
  • Jcink paid for an entire month of NickPic's storage servers, and are sponsoring 1 year of Premium Jcink!
  • ProBoards is sponsoring 500,000 page views to 1 lucky forum. These will be awarded in 50,000 credits, so you can apply it how you wish!

The Winners are...

  • ProBoards Ad Free - artykinz
  • Jcin Premium - aurjimin
  • Cbox - Everyone! \o/ You all get a double credit for any Cbox purchases! Oh, and lulublue won the Cbox 12 months!