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At nickpic we celebrate the strong diversity of our community of storytellers, graphic designers, and gif creators. We are a strong and tight-knit community that rose up from the needs of an ever growing hostile image hosting world. We found our community stricken by unreliable hosts that deleted our images, our work, and our stories. We don't want this happen to nickpic.

nickpic is the only host that offers a fully implemented reliable randomizer. We're one of the few that has sub-albums, a album navigation panel, and much more. We're ran by people who are passionate about storytelling just like you are. We're asking for your help to fund nickpic. Our costs are near $100 a month. At nickpic we do not wish to profit, but, only wish to cover our costs. Thus, our prices are slated just above what it would cost to run this site without the staff of the site covering the shortfalls (just in case another month falls short, it can make up for it). We believe these ad prices are fair. We would rather our own community to take out ads versus us selling them to third-parties who do not care about our people.

We have reviewed charging for additional albums, randomizers, and other services. But, we don't like the idea of premium features being locked behind advertisements. Utilizing this ad program, we are hoping to cover the operating costs of the site, without, having to find other ways to monetize. We're very interested in any ideas, and please feel free to connect to us on our discord. The

The Advertisement Rules

  • There is no limit on how many advertisements one individual can buy.
  • Staff of nickpic have the right to turn down an ad, if, we feel it violates our privacy policy, terms of service, or goes against the spirit of our community.
  • You may divide an ad space up into multiple links, as long as it fits within the designated 350 by 100 pixel spot. This space can be made larger upon request, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Any ad purchased will run for the period of 1 month from the first day of the month to the last day of the said month.
  • NSFW ads are not allowed to be advertised on SFW pages.
  • You can match and combine, divide payment, etc. If 3 people from 1 site want to pay for 1 ad at that site, it is acceptable, as long as all payments are received.
  • If you purchase an image or an album page spot, we can turn the advertisement off for NSFW labeled pages, if desired.

The Advertisement Spots

all prices USD

Individual Spots

Bundle Deals

  • All Image Pages and Album Pages - $80 per month
  • All Spots (homepage, image pages, and album pages) - $115 per month
  • No ads on nickpic - $75 per month - includes a public thank you on discord from nickpic staff! Any time this is purchased, all ad spots will be marked as sold. This is the bare minimum operating cost of nickpic.

Request a Spot

Please join our Discord and ask for a @staff member in the discord chat or message / email directly.