About Us


NickPicHost is an image host created when we realized a distinct lack of hosts that cater toward forums. On our Harry Potter, RPG called Fidelius we were afraid that our many hosted images would begin to disappear from hosts no longer allowing hotlinking. This rule change that occurred across the board, resulted in many RP and Graphic forums needing a new quick image host.

We found that many image hosts are in it for the money. We are not! The staff of NickPicHost simply wanted a host that was free, easy to use, and allowed hotlinking of graphics for role plays. There was a need, thus a service was born. We cater exclusively to small time forum owners who use remotely hosted services, aspiring graphic designers who share their work on forums, and message board users like you! We know you'd love it, because, we do too!

As of this moment, we serve 2,079,951 images. Amazing. Right? This number is all live images, that doesn't include the ones that got deleted, the thumbnails, or medium size images we store!


Our team is made up of talented designers, community managers, and story tellers that are here, standing besides you every step of the way as you create your world and your designs to share with us all. We love all this art. We thank you for making us a part of it.


We have a great ragtag team of people running NickPicHost and we are grateful for everyone that helped shape us into who we are today. We value transparency and ease of access. We opened to a closed base of users from our own forum on February 14, 2016. We became a public host on February 22, 2016.

The staff of NickPic.Host is called the Council. Meet the current members of our Council:

Nick - Founder & Owner

Nick is the founder of NickPicHost. He's honestly a very terrible graphics designer and okay at codes. But, he does love his characters. He exclusively plays male characters and has a hard time saying no to a gay male character. He tends to go overboard on character history. Nick is a great map designer, and can draw your entire fantasy world out beyond what you expected! Nick seems to do rather well at technical things to be honest, and was once in charge of RPG-Directory's server for years. Now days he runs and tries to keep NickPic.Host stable and reliable for everyone!

Jen - Senior Administrator

Jen likes wine. No, seriously. She does. If you ever meet her you better bring a bottle. She is a talented designer (like everyone on our team but Nick is) that is eager to help people out. We're all still wondering how she can manage so many characters with vastly different personalities. So. Many. Characters. If you don't flag your adult content, trust us, Jen is one of the first to notice and will flag it immediately to keep innocent eyes away from it. We allow adult content, but, it must be flagged.

Remy - Senior Administrator

Remy is the most committed person you'd ever meet. She enables all of us to be the very best that we can be. She also has a pet mountain, ask her how it's doing one day! As a member of our staff, Remy keeps a vigilant eye out for plagiarism and fights against plagiarism with passion and with the support of the entire Council. Honestly, Remy is our guinea pig too. She's very good at breaking things and here is PROOF!

Sam - Senior Administrator

This is Sam. He's shy. Sometimes he may turn into a dragon and catch things on fire. Sam's pretty much the person who'd alert Nick when someone has an issue and guarantee they get personal support. Sam is the voice of reason. No matter what direction we try to take, he always offers an opposing view before agreeing to it. Sam does this, because he knows we want this. By having the opposing view, it forces us to consider all options. When we need to get the word out, Sam's the guy who can do that!

Former Staff - When staff leave NickPic.Host, we like to remember their contributions. Once you're part of our family, you always are part of our family. It is one of our core beliefs.